Stag Antlers - Deer Species of the UK and around the world

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In the UK, six species of deer can found in the wild

 Red Deer, Roe DeerFallow Deer, Sika, Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac.  The largest is Red Deer, and the smallest is the Muntjac.

Antlers are bony structures, distinct from horns, and are unique to deer. During the rut, male deer use their antlers to compete with rivals for the right to mate.

In an annual cycle, a deer’s antlers develop during the late spring and summer.  During growth, they are said to be ‘in velvet’, and they are shed or cast the following spring.

Male deer are known as stags or bucks. With the exception of Chinese Water Deer, all male deer grow antlers.  The only female deer to grow antlers is the Reindeer or Caribou.

Since Mesolithic times, people have been using deer antlers for tools.  Today deer antlers are crafted to produce a wide range of items including furniture, lamps, walking sticks and accessories.

Deer antlers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from large and impressive Red Deer trophy antlers to the smaller antlers of Roe Deer and Muntjac.  They are available as shed antlers (also called cast antlers), or with a part or complete skull;  you can also purchase a deer head mount or shoulder mount as a taxidermy specimen.

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