Stag Antlers - Deer Species of the UK and around the world

Antler sizes Comparing Stag Antlers on the most common UK species


UK Deer Antlers Sizes Compared next to people

There is a vast difference between the size of Red Deer antlers and those of a Muntjac or a Roe Deer.

Within each deer species, the shape, size and length of antlers is influenced by factors such as the animal’s origin, whether it is wild or a park animal, its diet and general health.

Overview of Stag Antler Sizes

Sika Deer

Antlers can measure 16” to 18” (41 to 46 cm) in length.  Stags produce branched antlers of between six and eight points.

Chinese Water Deer

These deer have no antlers.  Long canine teeth, 2” to 3” (5.5 cm to 8 cm) in length, protrude like tusks from the upper jaw.

Muntjac Antlers

Bucks have short antlers that may reach 4” (10 cm) in length;  they also have ‘tusks’ or downward-pointing canine teeth.

Red Deer Antlers

The average length of each antler is between 31” and 34” (78 to 86 cm).   The spread (measured inside the antler beams at the widest place) ranges from 27” to 31” (68 to 78 cm) in Scotland and 29” to 34” (73 to 86 cm) elsewhere in the UK.  A Royal Stag has 12 points or tines;  an Imperial Staghas 14 points;  and a Monarch Stag has 16 points.

Roe Deer

The average length of each antler is between 8” and 10” (20 to 25 cm).   Roe Deer antlers generally have six points (three on each antler), although some can have seven or eight.

Fallow Deer Antlers

Each antler can grow up to 70 cm (27”) in length, with a wide and impressive spread.  Fallow deer antlers become palmate (broad-bladed) in adult bucks over three years old.  The tines or points are less distinct than those of Red Deer.