Win tickets to the Champions League, MU how much bonus?

Do you know how much money MU has won after winning tickets to the Champions League? Join us to find out in the following article!

MU’s account will be added a significant amount after winning tickets to the Champions League.

After many ups and downs, MU finally finished third in the English Premier League 2019/20 after Liverpool and Man City. With this ranking, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team officially returned to the most prestigious tournament in the club’s old continent – Champions League after a year of absence.

In the latest appearance (2018/19), “Red Devil” went straight to the quarterfinals before being stopped by the mighty Barca of superstar Lionel Messi.

Although unable to go further, but thanks to his name in the round for the 8 best teams, MU has pocketed a hefty sum, not less than 70 million euros.

This year, the European Football Federation (UEFA) has not announced specific bonuses for teams participating in the Champions League 2020/21, but the number is certainly not lower than the 2019/20 season. 

This season, the most powerful agency of European football spent 2.05 billion euros to reward teams attending the Champions League. The aforementioned amount is divided into 4 different amounts, of which 25% is divided among the teams attending the group stage.

Accordingly, just write your name to the group stage, the account of the team is immediately “pumped” 15.25 million euros. The amount will increase even more if the teams play well. In this round, a win was awarded 2.7 million euros, and a draw was 900 thousand euros.

Thus, MU certainly pocketed 15.25 million euros by winning tickets to the Champions League from the group stage. Of course, “Red Devil” will also be divided into other “soft” items such as television rights, performance in 10 years.