Coach Mourinho admitted to making a mistake in isolation

According to Mourinho, there are many players who make even more serious mistakes during isolation but are only fined, while Dele Alli has been fined and banned for 1 match is unfair.

Dele Alli was absent in the great battle between Tottenham against Manchester United (M.U) at 2:15 for mocking Asians when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and was fined up to £ 50,000.

Dele Alli also made a mistake, and he immediately apologized to correct it. Similar to many others that you have known all this time. Therefore, a penalty to warn is sufficient deterrent. And even banning competition is really unfair”.

HLV Mourinho bực bội vì án phạt cấm thi đấu của Dele Alli /// AFP

However, the organizing committee of the Premier League said that Dele Alli had committed racist acts, thus punishing him the most severe among those who committed violations during the time of isolation due to the epidemic.

Even Dele Alli also has to repeat a course of cultural behavior and respect when using social networks.

Without Dele Alli, the Tottenham midfield lacked an important link and forced Mourinho to use the club’s most expensive star, Tanguy Ndombele, to play.

Ndombele arrived at Tottenham for £ 65 million last summer from the Lyon club, but is still struggling to adapt to the Champions League’s style of play.

HLV Mourinho: 'Tôi cũng mắc lỗi trong thời gian cách ly' - ảnh 1

It was Mourinho who had changed from coach Pochettino in November of 1919 but could not help this player to recover his form.

However, Mourinho hopes that after the time of stopping the game because of the disease will be a necessary time for Ndombele to look back, and find an appropriate way to play in the Champions League.

In addition, the absence of Dele Alli will also be an opportunity for Ndombele to prove his worth. As for the hope of competing in the top four, Mourinho admitted: “Tottenham has a second chance, because attackers like Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Steven Bergwijn can make it back. But it will be extremely difficult, because the teams above have a higher score than us (Tottenham are 7 points behind Chelsea, and M.U 4 points). Things are not easy. We have to win the remaining 9 matches before we can see the situation”.