MU face tragedy: No Champions League tickets, watching Liverpool win the Premier League

Liverpool won the Premier League 2019/20, it was a nightmare for MU fans. But it will be even worse if the “Red Devils” do not win tickets to the Champions League next season.  

After all, the day that the MU fans did not want to come. Liverpool officially became the Premier League champion 2019/20 soon to 7 rounds, after Man City’s 1-2 defeat at Chelsea. Actually, without this result, Liverpool can decide on the next round.

For MU and fans of this team, this is really a tragedy. During the English Premier era, Liverpool had never touched the prestigious trophy, although they had very close times. And the 2019/20 season also ends a series of three decades without winning the English League of the “Red Brigade”.

MU đối mặt bi kịch: Không có vé C1, nhìn Liverpool vô địch Ngoại hạng Anh - 1

At the present time, the “Reds” fans can only wait for the teachers and coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to win the Champions League next season as a way to console themselves. MU still have all 3 arenas to compete. They want to enter the top 4 of the Premier League, and win the title in two FA Cup competitions and especially the Europa League.

With positive signs over time, the prospect of MU ending the season with 1 title is feasible. However, if MU does not win any titles and no Champions League tickets next season, the pain with the manucian will multiply.

Last season, MU has experienced a great fear and disappointment. It was Man City winning the Premier League, Liverpool crowned in the Champions League, Chelsea holding the Europa League, and the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not have Champions League tickets and was empty-handed in every arena.

MU đối mặt bi kịch: Không có vé C1, nhìn Liverpool vô địch Ngoại hạng Anh - 2

The awful ending that can completely recreate this season. Liverpool has officially won the Premier League, Man City is the leading candidate in the Champions League, while in the Europa League, Wolves and many other teams are ready to stumble “Red Devils”. And in the English Premier League, Tottenham also wants to oust MU.

That will be a very strong slap in the pride of MU. Because at that time, the great enemies of MU all achieved great success: Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time, Man City first touched the Champions League silverware. As for MU, not winning tickets to the Champions League next season, it will be difficult for the “Red Devils” to recruit stars this summer 2020.

If the tragedy happens, MU will have a fifth within 7 years after Sir Alex broke up MU, “Red Devils” finished outside the top 4 Premier League. And for the fourth time in 7 years, this team is absent in the Champions League. MU also had to take a detour, winning tickets to the Champions League through the door of the 2016/17 Europa League championship.

Although he was the ruler in both the English Premier League and on the European level during the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, MU is now just a resounding name. The revolution that coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been doing is not sure what will succeed. In the meantime, the biggest rivals continue to conquer one title after another. It’s sad that!